Don't Throw Shade in Georgetown, TX

Don't Throw Shade in Georgetown, TX

But do add shade to your yard with our tree planting service

You hate seeing your grass and plants die in the hot Texas summers. The brutal sun beats down across Georgetown, TX, making it difficult for delicate plants to survive.

Shelter your flowers from the sun by planting a tree. Planting is easy when you call the experienced arborists at Blue Thunder Tree Services. We'll make sure there's enough room for healthy tree growth and position your new trees for best effect.

4 things to consider when planting a tree

You want to add interest to your yard, and planting a tree is a great way to improve the appearance of your outdoor space.

Before excavating for your new tree, you should think about four things:

  1. Soil quality. There are different types of soil across the Georgetown, TX area. Choose a tree that will thrive in your soil type.
  2. The size of your yard. You need to keep in mind the potential for tree growth. You’ll constantly be pruning if you plant a tree too close to your home.
  3. Curb appeal. Your yard will look stunning with well-positioned trees.
  4. Property lines. You get along well with your neighbors. Make sure you keep it that way by not planting a tree that will drop debris all over their yard.

To make sure a space will work for your new tree growth, contact Blue Thunder Tree Services now. We’ll help you with the tree planting process, from finding the perfect location to putting the tree in the ground.