Dead Trees Can Drag Down Your Curb Appeal

Dead Trees Can Drag Down Your Curb Appeal

Call a tree removal service to improve your Georgetown, TX yard

Your yard is lush, verdant and neat-except for that diseased tree. Cutting down the dying tree will do wonders for your curb appeal and the well being of your remaining trees and shrubs.

Don't risk injury by attempting to cut down the dying tree yourself. When you need a reliable tree cutting team, contact Blue Thunder Tree Services right away.

Residents of Georgetown, TX and beyond depend on us for tree removal services. Each of our arborists is:

  • Licensed
  • Insured
  • Highly trained

We'll remove your tree safely and quickly so your yard can go back to looking great.


  • Branches growing into power lines
  • Diseased trees – some ways to tell if a tree is diseased include early leaf loss and fungus growth on the branches or trunk of the tree
  • If branches are growing too close to or touching the siding of your home

Make sure your tree doesn't cause a power outage

You love the old tree in your front yard. However, its branches are intertwined with utility lines. Don’t wait for a storm to knock down your tree and cause a blackout in your Georgetown, TX neighborhood.

The tree removal experts at Blue Thunder Tree Services will take down your tree with care. We’ll tie off the branches and use specialized equipment to keep your home and yard safe from falling branches with tree cutting services in Georgetown, TX.

Call us now for a free estimate on tree removal & tree cutting today.