Tame the Jungle in Your Georgetown, TX Backyard

Tame the Jungle in Your Georgetown, TX Backyard

Our tree trimming pros will cut back overgrown branches

You went away for a well-deserved vacation and came back to a wild jungle in your backyard.

Get your overgrown trees under control by calling Blue Thunder Tree Services now for tree pruning services. Our team of experienced arborists will turn that untended forest into a tidy grove of well-behaved trees.

Did you know that a tree pruning service can do more than just improve the appearance of your yard? There are many long-term benefits, including:

  • Disease prevention
  • Strengthening of roots
  • Enhanced tree growth
  • Increased fruit production

Our trained tree specialists are adept at sprucing up unruly trees throughout the Georgetown, TX area.


  • Gives your trees a neat, uniform look
  • Help strengthen your tree so it can stand strong against storms
  • Ensure that diseases don't spread by weeding out diseased branches
  • Keep your family and your property safe from falling dead branches

Make sure your yard is safe for your family

You love that oak tree in your backyard. Your kids spend hours climbing among its branches. Its leaves provide shade for your flowerbeds. But one of the branches hangs precariously over your house. Are you sure you’ll be safe the next time a storm hits the Georgetown, TX area?

Prevent a potential disaster by calling the tree trimming pros at Blue Thunder Tree Services right away. We’ll evaluate the state of your tree and remove any potentially dangerous branches.

Our tree trimming and tree pruning service will make your yard safer. Your kids can play under the old oak and you won’t have to worry about branches falling on your roof.